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November 06, 2002
Holidaze Itinerary
Posted at 01:56 PM

I locked down the pertinent flights for the newly-formed, officially-required “DDC: Home for the Holidaze” policy. Enough of this disjointed, sad-sapped, UPS’ed Christmas shit. We aren’t getting any younger, that’s a fact. Those miles between my loved ones and myself are still as mean and as lonely as the previous Christmas’. I need to take advantage of all possibilities involving being in the homeland.

I’ll be home on the 19th of December. Those final precious days leading up to Christmas day are the ones not to be missed. That’s when everyone is higher that a kite on the yuletide buzz, and everyone still likes each other and stuff. After the 25th, once everyone realizes that ugly sweater they received isn’t “returnable,” the spirits can turn sour.

My plan is to fly into Traverse City, then fly out of Chicago. Turns out there is a “Hossfest” of sorts in the works, involving PJ Chmiel, Ryno Simonson, Brad Berling and maybe a Maniotes or two. Party plans are being drawn up. Stay tuned.

That’s the latest. I’ll be home for a bit, and that’s a good thing.