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Draplin Design Co., North America

01. Health.
02. Clean air.
03. Clean water.
04. Mom and dad.
05. Little sisters Leah and Sarah.
06. Melissa.
07. Grandmother memories.
08. America.
09. Friends all over the country… and hell, abroad too. (Too many to list.)
10. Extended family.
11. A good upbringing in Central Lake, Michigan.
12. Hometown of Traverse City, Michigan.
13. Schooling opportunities in Minneapolis.
14. Fall foliage.
15. Phone calls from Mom.
16. Not being in California anymore.
17. The gig at CINCO design. Thanks guys.
18. CINCO’s clients.
19. Big S the Passat.
20. A couple of tuned guitars.
21. Apartment… location and layout.
22. A big bed.
23. A soft couch.
24. A well-oiled computer.
25. A quick Internet connection.
26. The laundry setup across the hall.
27. Hardwood floors.
28. One hell of a Lego collection.
29. Lots of discs for the stereo.
30. Freelance clients.
31. The Open Road.
32. An ice cold coke down hot pipes.
33. Levi 501s.
34. Carhartt Duck Brown.
35. Bad hats.