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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 01, 2002
We kicked this town’s ass.
Posted at 07:04 PM

Dad left for Michigan this morning. It was hard seeing him off. I’m not down with goodbyes of any sort. This summer has been about “saying goodbye.” To my gal, to my dad, to states, etc. I’m getting tired of being far away. Having dad around made my “Midwest Woes” fall to the wayside.

We had one hell of a weekend.

We took a trip to Astoria and hit every garage sale between the city and the coast. We ate out at little dives and enjoyed “cold ones” as the night wore thin. We wheeled-n-dealed with “would I lie to you” furniture salesman. We took no guff from any flea market vendors, waiters or gas station attendants. We laughed. We yelled. We took the local design joints by storm and left no one un-offended. (Is that a word? Who knows, who cares, that’s how tough this weekend was.) We watched movies. We talked about old times. We laughed at his bad jokes. We had breakfasts at little coffee shops. We hunted “silverfish” in the pad. We stayed up late. We slept hard. We woke up early. We stocked up for the winter, outfitting the pad with the necessary provisions. We dodged raindrops. We blessed friends houses. We ate their dinners and wooed their better halves.

Thanks to my dad for coming out. It was the best having him out here. I already miss him.

- - - -

Oh man, did I buy a couch! Black leather from stern to bow. Somethin’ else. All contemporary and stuff. Real comfy. Real mean. Real black. My ass is gonna kick this couch’s ass, or something like that. Friends will be in awe. People won’t leave. Once you sit down, you ponder ever getting up again. Real comfy. I’m gonna burn some serious hours on it.