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October 06, 2002
Had a good, rainy day today.
Posted at 12:39 AM

Woke up early, cleaned up and met friends from work for some estate sales. Man, did I find some treasures! Found yet another Aladdin brand “stars-n-stripes” lunchbox, this time with the thermos! 12 bucks! Mint condition. Didn’t even barter. I was doing “one last pass” when I noticed it tucked away on a shelf. Did I need it? Not even a question. Will I used it? You betcha. Now I have a backup. I marched upstairs and purchased it from a rather large-thumbed, but pleasant older lady. Thank you. I marched out that door, triumphantly displaying my catch-of-the-day. Tough crowd!

We all pulled in a good haul. The players: Myself, Diamond Dave Nakamoto, Ben and his gal Jullie. Good folks.

We wrapped the morning up with a hearty meal at Stickers restaurant. I had some sort of curry/coconut, chicken and rice ensemble. It went down the feedtube without altercation.

- - - -

Then I came home and got some loafin’ going. I rearranged the living room, into a seriously feng-shui’ed battleground. Couch, tube and firmly planted Draplin. All in harmony. Taking into consideration serious issues as: “As little arm movement as possible to manhandle the remote.” Bring it on. I rented some DVD’s (Hang ‘em High, Fistful of Dollars, etc) and spent the next couple hours enjoying the images of Clint getting’ mean and ugly..

- - - -

I like my little place. It is finally starting to feel like home. I’m gonna spend a good grip of time here in Portland, and havin’ a good domicile is crucial.