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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 24, 2002
Had a good weekend.
Posted at 09:29 PM

Lots of Gocco printing (watch out for that mass mailing… real soon), some tuning up of work projects and even got to see Pat “the eYe” Bridges for dinner Saturday night. Three months has gone by since I jumped ship outta SoCal. It was good to see Pat. We spent a considerable amount of time together down there in that hellhole. Either on the job or on the run, I spent a lot of time with Rose and Bridges. We had a good dinner with Cavan, Moran and the Sean Lake. Thanks for the good time and good chow.

Last night we went to see Insomnia with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. It was pretty good, but after awhile, the “dragging out” of this and that and way too many moments of that unruly Pacino snarl started to get to me. Alaska isn’t that bright in the summer, but it does get to you. The light definitely fucked with me up there during those summers. Mainly because of large windows and shitty curtains. That was my downfall. Even at solstice, sure, it’s light out, but it’s a “dusk” of sorts. You can see things, but not “make out things. For instance, with my eagle eye I can make out a license plate from a good distance. I remember cars pulling in after midnight and not being able to make out the little details like that. There you have it.

Real excited to see the parents next week. We’re gonna do some garage sailin’ and some chowin’ and some summertime relaxin’.