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May 15, 2002
Lots Going On
Posted at 04:13 PM

Wednesday, already. Good. Before I know it, it’ll be Friday afternoon and I’ll be itchin’ for my weekend time. My weekends have been good. City stuff, relaxing, freelance baloney, etc. Keeping busy and digging the place.

- - - -

We enjoyed busy days this last weekend with all sorts of activities:

1. Day trip to the Mt. Hood wilderness area to get a bite to eat in Government Camp, take a ride up to Timberline and reminisce a bit about my time at High Cascade in the summer of 1995. That was a good summer, carting broken snowboarder kids to and fro to the hospital in Gresham.

2. Saw “101 Reyknavik” at a litle indie theater. Subtitles, arctic conditions and a bunch of icelandic phallus.

3. Dropped in for a visit to the “Western Bigfoot Society 3rd Annual Symposium.” The cryptzoology field’s “prominent researchers” and fans were gathering in Hillsboro at the fairgrounds.

- - - -

I’ll elaborate:

I couldn’t pass it up. A Junior Sasqualogist myself, I had to check out where the latest information was at in this phenomena. I’ve been hooked since my single digit years. In fact, the first paperback books I read were about bigfoot encounters.

“Exhibits” included: vials of bigfoot scat(shit), various plaster casts, examples of Bigfoot in popular culture (I.E.: Remember the Bigfoot deal Little Caesar’s had?, toys, etc.), tapes of bigfoot yelps and other peculiar bits.

First off, I thought it would be a bigger deal, y’know, being a “symposium” and all. Well, I have to say, it was bit of a sad deal. Roy Crowe, Director of the Western Bigfoot Society, may God Bless him and his ailing wife, were putting the event on. I guess I just sort of felt sorry for the whole thing because whatever credibility may have been present was buried in hokey presentations and speculation. I guess I just sort of felt sorry for all of it. All these years, so interested and fascinated by thoughts of hairy bipeds roaming the woods of the Northwest, my interest in it had me expecting so much. The whole thing was sort of thrown together. Who was being taken here? The organizers or the interested attendees? Maybe everyone? Nevertheless, it was interesting and entertaining.

I missed some of the different speakers presentations. One guy brought in a video of a sasquatch in Idaho. You should have seen the crowd gathering around to study it. People were taking notes, others conversing on the details of the topography. It was really uncomfortable in a way.

Melissa almost didn’t make it through the afternoon. She had this to say regarding the gathering, “That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever been to.”

I’ll make a believer out of her soon enough.

I’ll go back. What the hell. Just think about it: Say they find somethign out there. Would you ever go camping again?

- - - -

Hope everyone is doing well.