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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 20, 2002
Different Itches
Posted at 12:06 PM

Had a good weekend, full of absolutely nothing. In fact, I think I left the house once or twice. Just hung out and dug my time off. Daily activies included: doing laundry, watching tube, making graphic designs, playing charged games of Monopoly, listening to talk radio, playing my guitar and napping. It was really nice.

Matt Leonard and Pam-Pam Lanckton showed up for a bit too. It was good to see ‘em. They brought their pooches Cleo and Butch along. They were up here for some family duties in Tualatin. They are doing really good down in Central Oregon, enjoying their new house in Redmond.

I have an itch to buy a home too. Hmmm.

I’m hooked on talk radio, Art Bell specifically.