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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 04, 2002
Posted at 12:06 PM

Had a great weekend up in the Portland, Oregon.

I flew up Thursday, via two flights that briefly touched down in Oakland. Upon arrival I caught the MAX downtown, then a bus up to Floyd’s penthouse.

Friday morning I met with the folks at the Cinco Design Office. What started with a phone call a week back quickly turned into a flight north to meet the crew.

The meeting went really well. Cinco’s space is beautiful. Meeting rooms, open office areas, a library wall, refreshments and a ping pong table for sport. The office is in a good neighborhood, with close proximity to the epicenter of Portland. By bus, bike or rig, getting to work will be no sweat. Being a fan of their work over the last couple years, seeing the daily operations solidified my interest and excitement. The place looks fun, and challenging and contagious. I met Goo, Dan and Kirk and got a chance to explain what I’m looking for in my next adventure. I found a good place to jump into.

More info will be posted as this development progresses. Really, really excited to get up there and roll the sleeves up.

For now, please spend some time with their clients: Gravis footwear and Nixon watches.

Special thanks to Heather and Jay for the impeccable hospitality. Much appreciated. Also, hi-fives to Goo, Kirk and Dan for making me comfortable and listening.