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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 18, 2002
One Week Out.
Posted at 11:54 AM

We made some headway over the weekend. Boxes haves been assembled and are slowly beginning to get filled with gear. We have a good system in place, hopefully making this nightmare-ish process somewhat efficient and reasonable. A friend is gonna pick up the couches, which is good cuz we were just gonna throw ‘em in a dumpster like ev’ryone else in our complex. (You can tell when people move out, as there will be some ratty couch sticking out of the dumpster) A “final edit” has been taking place with each step, weeding out items we won’t need in future adventures.

I’ve come to a sobering realization: I have a lot of stuff. Melissa has little stuff. I can’t part with things, a trait passed down through the genetic recipe courtesy of my Dad. The editing process is hard and I’ll tell you right now, there are things that I will lug with me from here on out, just based on principle. That’s right. I don’t want to leave anything down here. The place doesn’t deserve the sorts of treasures I cherish.

Loose ends are being tied up all over town. Freelance projects are coming to a grinding halt. Office ephemera is being removed and boxed up. The Goodwill pile is getting fierce.

One week out, real excited, sad to be leaving my friends, more than happy to be leaving California.