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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 11, 2002
Happiness Is A "Two Week Notice"
Posted at 04:41 PM

My official two week notice:

Without any further ado:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fellow workers and Marty, specifically:

Let this email announce a new development in my path. I’ve accepted a position with the good people of the ‘Cinco Design Office’ based in Portland of the Oregon Territories.

This is my official “two week notice,” wrapping up whatever the dudes throw at me up until the 22nd.

With that, please let me express my appreciation for the opportunity to work in the joint, around inspiring people in an amazing, unconventional and refreshing “office” setting. Thank you for the good words, collaborations, tips, tricks, hookups and memories during my time on the beach. The pages have been amazing on all levels.

- - - -


The Top Brass:

01. CHIEF: Buuuudddy, thanks for believing in me. You keep the economics going strong. Good work. All this talk about you moving back to Minneapolis or Indiana or whatever is really sad. You should act on it.

02. MARK: Thanks for picking me. I’m proud to have been on yer team. Be it on some snowmobile death mission or in the backwoods of Vermont, I appreciate the opportunity to have “seen it all” in the snowboard microcosm.

03. BRIDGES: The man with the words and vision, you are the words beneath my wings. Thanks for letting me run with you. Talent: You’ve got it. Put it to good use.

04. BAKER: Praise to you, the diplomatic image picker. Job well done, without the “my way or the highway” process. Thanks for letting me in on it all. And hell, how hard is it to stand in snow and shoot some guy overhead?

05. ROSE: I thought you’d never leave. Give ‘em hell over there. We could have been so big together.

The Good People:

06. CODY: For all the little things that make the big things work.
07. LAURALYN: Den Mother, whip-cracker and guide. Thanks you.
08. CARYN: Quiet and shy won’t get you anywhere. Omigod, just kidding.
09. CAMPO: You take good care of the little guys.
10. NORB: For going to bat for us.
11. MEEHANK: For good conversation, advice and drink tickets.
12. CANHAM: Inspiring graphic arts, fonts and spray paint tomfoolery.
13. PENNARTZ: I need the “Great Lakes” report and “Oregon Coast” too.>
14. RANDY: For holding it all together behind the scenes.
15. RUTH: “Good morning everyone, the truck is here.”
16. SMITH: Never make a pong bet with a man in duress.
18. MURRAY: Good conversation and good hats.>
19. ZACH: For pong prowess and slack-jawed pong trash-talkin’.
20. MARTY: See “RANDY and ZACH.” Best of luck with everything.
21. YANGSTEIN: Pirate bounty and interesting pong technique.
22. ROSSco: For good conversation.
23. KIM: For bailing out with our word dilemmas… we love you.
24. MICHELLE: For elegant patience. Also see “RANDY and CODY”

25. RICKY: Maybe Chief could hire you? (Anytime, anyplace, bro.)
26. TONY: Same goes for you, surfdog.
27. KOZAI: See you in the water. Salt Creek? Lowers? Lake Superior?

- - - -

Friends forever: factoryfloor@draplindustries.com

Once again, thanks for everything, I appreciate all of it.

Over and out,
Aaron James Draplin, year no.28

Draplindustries Design Co., North America

- - - -

“Good design for bad people, Bad design for good people.”
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“If you ain’t right, get right!”
“Don’t take shit from no one, never.”
“Midwestern by the Grace of God.”

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“There is nothing wrong with Southern California that a little rise in the
ocean wouldn’t cure.” -ROSS MACDONALD