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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 03, 2002
Back from Vegas.
Posted at 05:32 PM

Another success wrapped up, one for the books.

1. Saw some amazing graphics, saw some piss-poor ones too.
2. Rose was in fine form. The best was his “walk up to some chump and grab his beer trick.” Only Rose knows how to walk that line.
3. The Transworld Awards were fucking pathetic. Incestuous garbage. I feel sorry for them. Trying too hard to make something out of nothing. Nothing is what it was. Kevin Jones and Tara Dakides took the “Top Honors” for the night. Jesus Christ, what a couple of dolts. You’d think with all the coverage, attention and money thrown at those scrubs they would work up some sort of schtick. Nope, the same ol’ “I’m drunk and don’t care, mumble into the mic” bullshit. What did I expect? You can’t make something out of nothing.
4. Saw the Strokes. Garbage. Bullshit NYC schtick. Go home.
5. Saw Social Distortion. Songs about Orange County. Mike Ness looks like he’s about 60 years old. More songs about Orange County. Drank a bunch of watered down beers. Thanks to Embry for the drink flow.
6. The hunting tradeshow next door was pretty entertaining. The Nuge was there spraying about this and that. Complete goon. Lots of camo and orange. Made me homesick for the upper Midwest.>
7. Lots of giant dinners that involved kissin’ asses of our advertisers. Thanks to Chief for the amazing meals. I’m still full from everything.
8. Good people list: Styk + Fank from Ride, Jessica from NYC, JAred Jeenyus, Oli Roy, Mike Dawson from Nitro, Tucker Fransen from M3, Mikey LeBlanc and his 162 graphic, the Analog catalog designers, Michaylira, Lanningham and his Richards graphic (excellent!), Baker on the mechanical bull, Brunkhardt’s coy cynicism, Galbraith, Guba the great, Brad from Never Summer and other fuckers.

Thanks to SNOWBOARDER for a good week in Vegas.