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February 20, 2002
Back From Salt Lake
Posted at 10:02 PM

Lots of Olympic fervor out there. There is an interesting air of excitement, promise and pride when you are around the event areas. The security was pretty intense. Lots of fuzz stationed in intersections and different checkpoints. You feel secure up there, which is good for the crowds. Downtown Park City was worth the tortuous commute. Rose and I prowled the strip hunting for treasures. And no, I couldn’t get my hands on one of those god damn Roots berets. We saw Modest Mouse the last night. It was pretty good, they looked like they were enjoying themselves. I found myself singing along more than once.

The SNOWBOARDER house was exactly as I had expected: Bunch of dudes, killing time in front of a TV, going out for meals, standing around bars at night, etc. Same old shit. Got to know a couple new kids: Zimmerman, Cavan, Kramer and Durst. Good people.

On the DDC front: Rose and I are gearing up for some site improvements. Where do i find the time? I don’t know, and I don’t give a fuck what it takes. I’ll find it, and you bet, it’ll be one hell of an ordeal.

Glad to be back. Missed the gal real bad. We’re saving our duckets, paying off the man and enjoying ourselves in this this Orange County hellhole.

Oh yeah, we saw the lead singer from the Offspring at Wahoo’s today. Jesus H. Christ, I almost went up to the fucker to give him my two cents. But y’know, wanton negativity isn’t cool. I’ll bet that fucker has more people coming up to him to kiss his “OC punk” ass , praising the action sport anthems they churn out. I’d ljust like to see his reaction when someone says, “Man, you guys sure do create a lot of garbage.” Upon speculation, Rose yelled, “You that guy from the Offspring?”, he slowly nodded and said, “Yeah.” We had a good laugh. I remember getting my final issue of SPIN in the mail awhile back, so digusted by seeing his face on the cover I just ripped it in half and left it in the recycle bin.

Ryno got a new rig. Gold served him well. She’ll be missed. Good work on the new wheels.

Congrats to Rose on his new gig. He’s heading over to the Jeenyus/Forum/Special Blend/Foursquare camp for some web work and marketing work. I’m really proud of him in his new adventure. They don’t know what they are in for. Done.