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January 26, 2002
Movie / Pre-Vegas / Radio
Posted at 03:41 AM

Just got back from “The Royal Tenenbaums.” Real good. Real awkward, good props, good font(s), muted colors and uncomfortable dialogue. Everyone enjoyed it. Rose gave it a “6.5.” I’d give it more like a “7.5.” Although a little slow at times, the subtle things were the most interesting. The movie gives the Futura font a good name.

The work week came to an end. Lots of action. Presschecks, highway miles and haunting nightmares involving mis-registration and dot gain. Everything seems to be on schedule. Phew. Special thanks to John Millman from Continental Litho for the patience and help.

I leave for Vegas on Sunday. Real excited to see all the industry fuckers.

I’ve been listening to the Art Bell radio show (KFI 640am, Los Angeles) during the wee hours. “Campfire Tales” of sorts, of the paranormal genre. Topics like Mothmen, Sasquatch, Cattle Mutilations and UFO sightings keeps me entertained. I may be hooked. As a Junior Sasqualogist, I take to these matters with a certain curiosity. Sure, I’m a cynic, but I’m fascinated by this sort of stuff. I guess I like the way Bell handles the calls. He takes them seriously, all of them, as if every account was true, and accepted as common knowledge.

Goodnight, we are going to sleep in tomorrow.