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I’ve got the new Jim O’Rourke on the player. Amazing. Wanna blow yer mind? Check out JO’R’s discography: The Jim O’Rourke Discography. Endless. Quite a list of accomplishments for the guy.

It’s nice to be out of the office for a couple days. Now that the ranch is updated with stellar computin’ facilities, I try to hang in there 9-to-5, and no later. My days of being camped out after hours in the trenches are over. Now I bring my work drama home with me. Melissa loves the fact that I stay up all hours of the night peckin’ at these keys. I think the new productivity is having an effect on her sleeping patterns. She takes her sleep seriously. She usually enjoys a good 15 or so hours a night.

We finished up our cycle at the mag. Done. 7 mags down since April. I’m proud and excited and happy with our accomplishments. I get emotional when I look back at the volume. 4 meatballs put the thing together, out of a common desire for snowboarding. We grew up with this stuff and now we’re giving back to the kids. I read the mag growing up. To be on this end is an honor. 4 meatballs. How about that? And the best part is the voice the mag has. Honest and true. Sure, we miss out on things here and there but I’ll make this claim now and forever: The content that make it on those pages come from good sources, with good intentions, created by good people. No blowjobs, no promises, no pandering… just coverage of the best fuckers in snowboarding. Many thanks go out to the dudes for a good editorial season. We worked well together and the proof is in the pages. Thanks and inspiring awe go out to our contributors, photo and literary. Thanks people. We will continue on our pursuits. The kids dig the stuff and that is what counts. Expect good things for next season too.

Now we’ve got some time to compile good stuff for the next cycle. Chief has a pile of projects for me. The rest of the fuckers will be off on glorious missions, covering the sport. I’ll be back in the trenches fightin’ the good fight on the identity front. We’ve got promo items to build, media kit deliberation, tradeshow prep and other tasks. This is the fun part. The dudes are gone and I have the joint to myself.

Extra special thanks to Chief for believing in us. Buuuuuuuddddy.

A new XBox has been the talk of the DDC Factory Floor for some time now. The mag sponsored the snowboarding game “Amped” and that got me hooked. We have our logos spread around the game in different sections. Pretty exciting stuff. Bridges has hooked up up with different titles to check out. Thumbs are sore and a competitive fervor haunts the couch area. I beat the tar out of Melissa tonight in some hockey game action. 5 for me, 0 for her. She is pissed and will play harder next time. Watch yer back.

Chad Smith pushes off today. He’s headin’ north to Bend for some holidaze frolick. I’d love to join him but realize I’d make it maybe a day in Bend and freak out. Not that California is any better, but damn, I’ve had my fill of that place. Best of luck to Chad in his great journey. What an adventure. I envy him cuz he’s headin’ back to the Midwest in the end.

Jim O’Rourke makes me want to move home. Good man from the Midwest. I get to wondering about Chicago a lot too. There are so many good bands from there. Maybe I should move there. Close to home, big city and the home of Shellac.

One more year of this and I’m gonna pull the plug. Enough is enough. Shit, I’m ready to go at any point. Just that I gotta get the finances in order before I can split. Real close.