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Christmas day is almost over. Couple more hours of “glee.” Well, sorta.

Being away from home was just another sad chapter in this California experience. Our second bummed holdiaze. Being removed from the family units just fucks everything up. No motivation, cynicism towards the holidaze and general depression. Our time off was spent relaxing. That’s it. Meals were simple and lonely. Some tube. Some video games. Some email. Some Net-surfing. Some guitar, which is way out of tune.

We tried to get tickets home this year too. Due to the shakeup in the airline industry, tickets were expensive and scarce for some reason when we’d shop around. Last year I swore I would be home for the holidaze. Look at us. Out here in our little cocoon. Pathetic. Just wish I was home hanging with the family. In the snow.

Hopefully next year this drama won’t be an issue cuz we all know how quick that jaunt from Minneapolis back to Traverse City is. Fingers are crossed.

Dad’s Gingerbones were amazing, as always, even if they were burnt all too hell.