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Draplin Design Co., North America

Some days are so amazing. I’ll feel like I can accomplish anything. They are few and far between, the logistics adding up to allow such productivity. It can also break down to an hourly rate. Tonight, I had a couple good hours of that sort of feeling. Wee hours. Chad was fast asleep manning the couch. Melissa was slothed out, starfishing the entire bed. A couple cats wandered around yawning. I had the entire Factory Floor to myself and got a bunch of stuff done. Felt good.

Give it up to my Mom and Dad. The immensity of the miles between us were softened tonight with the arrival of holidaze goods. Presents and decorations and munchies and good cheer. Thank you. You guys are amazing and we miss you to high heaven, or to the tops of the palm trees in our track-house/condo/apartment facility.

We had the most amazing Christmas mornings growing up. I miss those days.

I’m itchin’ to see that Lord of the Rings movie. Gotta get my cloak and Gandalf staff dry-cleaned though for the waiting line festivities. No thanks. Not that serious about it all. I remember a couple summers back in Anchorage, checking out the Star Wars cronies in line. All of us meatballs checking out the throngs of frontier fans coming out in full force. Chewbacca suits and calculated scene reenactments galore. Back to the Lord of the Rings stuff: I remember Mom taking me to see the animated movie back in the day. It was scary.

We’ve got a couple more pages to go in our final issue of the winter cycle. Fuck, real excited to wrap it all up. Talked to Lanningham today a bit. He’s a good kid, no matter what snowboarding publication he might be doing time with. Positive and excited.

Goodnight from the beach.