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September 01, 2001
Yet Another Cipper Account
Posted at 04:00 PM

Another week gone by. Real mellow one as far as “putting out pages” goes. Nice to take a break from the cycle. Issue 3 of 7 is done and gone and out of our hands. 3 down, 4 to go, and they get smaller and mellower from here on out.

Each event or change of pace in my daily events often generate a response along the lines of, “What the fuck am I doing here.” Real tired of this place.

This morning as I jumped on the freeway I almost stopped in my tracks at the sight of the sea of traffic that lay ahead of me. Bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see. Same thing happened to me last week. The saturday freeway scene damn near made me whip a u-turn. Sure, the Labor Day Weekend mass exodus has something to do with it, but, 30 minutes of stop-n-go for my 8 measely miles down to the office?….tends to make a man want to pack it up and split.

So yeah, here’s another chipper account from the battlefields of “beautiful” Southern California. Wish I had more positive notes to pass on.