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Draplin Design Co., North America

I can smell that freedom right around the corner. Just a faint whiff.

Currently, I’m pinned down by a couple monthly payments to “the man” or whatever you’d like to call him. Back in my school daze, I did a real number on my credit card, or, added up a real number on my credit card. My Minneapolis time. I’d like to blame the neighborhood record stores on my daily routes…yeah, those bastards. Those establisments led to my demise. That and the occasional plane ticket or load of groceries. Then I got out here in Cali-ville things got real ugly. Y’know, waiting for the prodigal “first paycheck” to show up and so on sort of stuff. Combined with Melissa getting on her feet, the jacked prices and such, that number swelled.

And this fight has been a good one, and I have done a fair amount of “going without” in order to rectify the balance. I have been making healthy payments religiously all this time. I’d just like to announce that the official “fessing up” to the card and the so on is right around the corner. Action is underway. Godspeed to the invoices, and double godspeed to the checks coming back on the reciprocal.

Once these things are fessed up, I can start making amends to move back home. Then and only then. Until then, I gotta focus, accept good freelance gigs and deliver good solutions. All this extra work adds to the big picture” “Setting me free.”

Right around the corner.