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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 17, 2001
Tectonic Motherfucker!
Posted at 12:36 AM

Get this: Felt my first earthquake today.

Pretty amazing. Jeff Baker, photo editor and Huntington Beach local, called out, “Earthquake!” and lo and behold I tuned in and noticed a gentle movement, then items suddenly swaying hanging around the office.

Fucking amazing.

My mind made a beeline through multiple layer of earthen crust deep in the magma, peering at the rumbling underbellys of the massive tectonic plates grinding against eachother. Action:Reaction, on a large scale.

It left me feeling a bit queasy. This uncontrollable variable below you, that strikes without warning, is just too much too ponder. I’m used to my ground being stable. Done.

So here’s to the big one. I just hope I’m on the open road east when the god damn place falls off into the big ocean.

Tectonically yours,
–Aaron James Draplin