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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 07, 2001
Lonely Enjoyment
Posted at 10:57 AM

Enjoying having the place to my myself. Sort of lonesome too. I come home and the place is as I left it. No surprises. I have been spending my free time organizing, cleaning, consolidating, archiving all the goods of the Factory Floor. I miss the gal, or at least, those first bunch of days together out here. It was exciting. Melissa is settling into Minnesota slowly, with stints at her parent’s and uncle’s respective compounds. I’m jealous of her being able to be back there. I know she is dreading it, but I see so much beauty in that place.

Very busy as we pick up speed for our November issue. The October issue is at the printer in Tennessee getting banged out. The September issue is enjoying rave reviews. Many thanks to our contributors, either photographic, literary or of design nature. This monster is growing into an amazing entity.