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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 11, 2001
Getting Used To The Emptiness
Posted at 05:45 PM

Back into the swing of things…releasing those pages to the pre-press folks. 30 down out of 100. Ho-hum. We still have a good week or so to get the remaining ditties completed and sent. Things are coming together well.

Lonely rooms, lonely home: The house feels so empty. I have been cleaning a lot actually. “Detailing” sounds a little tougher. Got to get into that spic/span mode, keeping things civil little by little. I’m doing a lot of organizing. Filing my miscellaneous pages, art work, freelance records, bills into one big neat DDC system. Organization will set you free. (Melissa, have a good laugh at this one.)

Been doing a lot of thinking about getting back into illustration. I’ve seen so much inspiring stuff over the course of the last year that makes me want to dive headlong into all of it again. Before my computer days, illustration was all the man had. I’m gonna do some sketching, lay some ink down, maybe a little color. We’ll see. I’ve got a couple projects coming up that involve more traditional “pencil on paper” processes to arrive at a solution. Sounds good. Can’t forget those roots.

Things are good. Hope everyone is living large.