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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 25, 2001
Settling In / Farewell
Posted at 01:48 AM

Sorry about the lagging on here. Shit has been a little busy. (Real nice way to start off an entry, eh?) Well, we’re just a couple shakes-of-a-stick away from completing our October issue. Good stuff. Lots of different items for snowboarders all over the globe to read and check out.

I got back in from the Memphis press check adventure and dove into the next issue’s burning pile of content right away. The boys had a ton of stuff waiting for me to build when I got back, which sped the process up a bunch.

Just been working on the mag, working on my freelance endeavors and some Draplindustries promotional items. Oh man, September is the month for the Draplindustries “once-a-god-damn-month” card series to catch up with itself. So all you good people who have been writing in frettin’ about the cards, breathe easy and enjoy the hot summer sun cuz we’ve got you covered, er, printed. With a bunch of luck, the factory floor will embark on our largest promotional mailing to date: well over 200 kits hittin’ different mailboxes, then trashcans, all over the world. Stay tuned. You might be payin’ the postage, that is if you want what we have to offer that bad. Might not be much (gonna be a lot) and the designs might be lackluster (hell no.) but let us say this, the kit will be from the hands and hearts of good, proud people.

And the rest of you who haven’t got the first 3 cards, just send us an address and we’ll get file you into our massive, electronicalliy processed base of data.

>>>> mailing_list@draplindustries.com

Good news: Dave England of MTV’s Jackass teamed up with lovely Joanna and made a little miracle: Ruby England. Man, she’s got a head of hair too. Mother, child and child are doing well.

Sad News: Melissa is going home in a couple days. Sad stuff. Kris is going home too. They are gonna huff it all the way back up to Minneapolis in her little car. I hope it’s smooth sailing for them girls all the way back. Gonna miss her.

Great news: Not gonna miss those goddamn cats one bit. Or one hair. Real tired of picking hair out of my mouth or off a shirtsleeve or something. Fecund rodents: Farewell, good luck in the big city Minneapolis.

Goodnight from a stretch of beach south of the Los Ann-guh-lees.

1. O Brother, Where Art Thou Soundtrack
2. Whiskeytown - Pneumonia
3. Swell - Everybody Wants To Know
4. Lucinda Williams - Essence
5. Kings of Convenience - Quiet is the New Loud
6. Guided By Voices - Isolation Drills
7. Friends of dean Martinez- Place in the Sun
8. Ida - The Braille Night
9. Juno - Future Lived In Past Tense
10. Sandy Denny Anthology