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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 02, 2001
Memphis Or Bust
Posted at 10:05 AM

Headin’ off to Memphis on Wednesday for the big press check for this issue. Calibrate the color, oversee the binding and do some general lurking around the Dyersburg printing facilities. I’m excited to see it all go down. This issue is our biggest ever so someone should be there to make sure everything is cool. From what I hear, there is “nothing to do” there. Now, now, I accept the challenge with a balmy, Mississippi Delta fervor, I can find something worth doing in any neck of the woods. I’ve never been to Memphis or western Tennessee for that matter, so this is a matter of excitment. I’m a smidge nervous considering the responsibility at hand checking eveything, but then again, as on guy said around the office, “It’s not like they are gonna stop the press or anything. That shit hauls ass.”

I plan on hitting up Memphis’ finer spots including Graceland, Beale Street and Sun Studios, as well as some exploring of the local Missippi River haunts and neighboring state borders. Expect a full report next week.

One more month with Melissa and Kris. Thank the good lord. I love ‘em and all, but god damn, I’m itchin’ for my space. Real bad. She will be better off in big city Minneapolis and man, I wish I was headin’ back there too.