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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 07, 2001
Chad Smith
Posted at 11:16 AM

I had the most amazing chat last night with my buddy Chad Smith. Full of spirit, excited with his new direction, I hung up missin’ him more than ever. He’s doing real good for himself back in Lansing, Michigan pursuing a photography degree. He made a tough jump out of Bend, Oregon a little over a year ago, back to Michigan to dig into school. That stuff isn’t easy, believe me. Lots of uncertainty. I made it. He made it. I’m so proud of him, and someday, I hope he’ll head up the photo studio our design firm. Campbell-Draplin-Barrett-Floyd-Bridges-Smith. The list grows and grows.

We’ve had many adventures together. We were renegade carnies together for a summer fighting it out in a pizza wagon, hap-hazard road trips across the west and other follies in Northern Michigan. Chad Smith keeps shit simple.

And another brush with greatness, I made a bunch of calls on sunday to old friends back home. Sundays get me sentimental for some reason. Anyway, one Cal Steinorth ringed me back and we caught up with each other. Man, let me testify about the character of this fella: A good man, thru and thru. He’s doing good back in Traverse City with his wife Laura. It’s amazing to hear of people’s directions. I’m thankful to have good people in my peripherals. Cal’s a environmental consultant. Noble gig. I’ve been calling old pals cuz I’m trying to figure if I should trek back for my 10 year reunion.

I think I’m gonna go. Fuck it. Sounds fun. Drive back, dig the road, see the parents, throw down with the classmates and drive on back. Road trip, parental visit and Class of ‘91 in one big loop.

Hope everyone is doing well out there. Take care now, y’hear?