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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 07, 2001
Mattress Action
Posted at 11:55 AM

Thumbs up! The monster didn’t look that big in the showroom. Once inside the room it seemed twice the size! Maybe not the width and length dimensions…the height seemed to double! I have to climb up to it. I shopped around and got some sheets and even a new pillow. The deal is complete.Overall it was a good investment I’d say. Although, I dread moving the beast. The scariest part about this whole deal is the fact that big things like this, be it a stereo or couch or bed, they hold you back. Owning stuff like this means I’ll have to load up a Ryder when I split. Gone are the days of loading my mini-van up and hittin’ the open road. I miss that sort of simplicity.

I still want to go and ramble. Maybe someday after a bunch of years of workin’ and savin’ I’ll put the house goods into storage and pack up the rig for some adventures. Just me and the rig, dialed in, traveling the land.

I’m sleeping real good. Special thanks to the pricks at the mattress showroom for selling me on it. It’s feeling real good and if I may, I really hope y’all toss and turn all night long wondering about those slick sales procedures. Parasites.