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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 15, 2001
Little Kris
Posted at 12:04 PM

Little Kris Okins made it in. Melissa is excited to have her sister/best friend here for the summer. They are connected at the hip. Our little apartment is overrun by chicks. Earl the guinea pig doesn’t have much to say, so, I don’t count him in on the battle. And those god damn cats, well, they are on Melissa’s side of course. As long as those cats keep clear of me, things’ll be cool. It’ll be a good summer for Melissa. It’s good to have Kris here for her.

Kris is also settling in at Snowboarder. She’s gonna be my intern for the summer. She has excellent organizational skills, which are bringing nice touches to otherwise cluttered, obliterated stacks of random books, reference pics and stuff. And once things get rolling, she have her little hands full with page designs too. Cool.

The rig is amazing. I filled ‘em up with Premium yesterday on Nunez’s advice. Man, the difference in power is remarkable. Premium gas is $2.25 a gallon down here. God Bless America.

I’m trying to settle on a name for him.