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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 26, 2001
Punk Rock Theme Park
Posted at 12:18 PM

We saw them Fogs. After some deal-making with Rose to square away the transpo-logistics, we headed up the 5 to Disneyland’s House of Blues. Ben Oswald swung down from the big city LA to hang for a bit around the office. He’s an interesting kid. It’s good to have him around the surf lands. We wrangled Rod up and headed over to the Magic Kingdom.

Disneyland was magic! We hoofed it around the grounds of the park(mall) a bit, had a beverage and veered towards the venue. House of Blues. Yay. As cool as it was to trek to see Mascis + the Fog, the controlled, automated and meticulously “tarnished, raw + comfortable” surroundings fucked it all up for me. The idea of some schmuck “losening up” after a long day of selling real estate, saying, “Hey, this place is wild, huh?” haunted me. Maybe I’m just a dick. Whatever. Can’t hack this stuff.

It’s always good to see the Mascis and the Watt. Watt didn’t seem to have as much spunk. They seemed leery of the joint. The glances, the rolling eyes. They played the tunes, brought out Ron Asheton from the Stooges and slammed through some golden oldies. Love as Laughter opened and were pretty good too.

It’s always good to see Rod Snell. He got a little tipsy and was a happy drunk. It was his first time checking out Mascis. Cool. I wish he lived down here. We could hang out and stuff. I miss the fucker. He’ll be back out, or maybe I’ll pass through Ft. Collins sometime soon. Facts are stubborn things: I’d take a punch for him.

Nothing like a theme park for a good time, eh?

California, goddamn California.