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April 01, 2001
April Fool
Posted at 07:47 PM

Happy April to all the good people out there.

Getting back into the swing of things. Car shopping with my sights set on one of those Jeep Grand Cherokees. Nice pieces of machinery. Comfy seats for the Factory Floor girth. Built tough. Meat-locker air conditioning to combat the heat.

The numbers haunt me though. How do people afford this shit? They don’t I guess, the bank does and we the people, simply rent them. The goddamn snake oil car salesmen keep throwing the lease thing in my face. Sure, so little $$ down, so little $$ per month…but, I’m tired of renting shit. I rent my pad, and am very thankful I can afford a nice joint…but, there is no equity in it. None. The year goes by and the only equity you have is a reference and man, I’ve been burned. Same thing for the car leasing stuff. No equity. Luxury, yes, at a price. And man, those mileage caps! What happens if you want to hit the road rambling for awhile?! No adventuring soul needs that sort of parnoia hanging over their head/odometer. Garbage. I need a rig that can get me the fuck out of here if need be. Done.

So I’m trying to buy. Got some scratch to lay down on it. Get a big ‘ol loan to cover the rest. Got the insurance quotes going, and they are reasonable and fair. Trying to get myself a good rig that’ll enable me to drive all the way home if I damn well please, and , get me back and forth to the pad day in a and day out during my time down here on the ant-infested freeway.

Lookin’ for a good rig. Something I can live out of if I have too.