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February 24, 2001
Viva la Whistler!
Posted at 03:10 PM

Quick flight out of John Wayne Airport up to San Francisco. Flawless. Napped the whole time. Felt good to be leavin’ Orange County. Little layover in San Fran and then on up to Vancouver. The cordial man from the shuttle service was waiting for me as I entered the exit area of the airport. In no time we were off to Whistler. The drive up the 99 was amazing. Last time I was in these parts was back in August of ‘98. On my way down from Alaska en route to my school life in Minneapolis. Those were good days.

I dozed off a couple times on the way up to Whistler. It took us a little over 2 hours to get up here from the airport. We dropped off a party of yahoos from Memphis and continued on up to the Dude’s place.

Dudes. Mountain town. Condo living. Beer bottles. Video games. Dripping snowboards. One out-of-tune guitar. Life is good.

Every one went to sushi dinner last night and got wasted. Hoo-ha. Now, they are reliving the previous night’s events with rowdy banter = hangover this, hangover that. Hoo-ha. I stayed home and read. It was quiet. I had the window cracked a bit with cool alpine air coming in. Fell asleep and got woken up by a drunken swiss pro snowboarder. Nice kid, dumb action.

We are going snowmobiling today.