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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 04, 2001
Good evening folks.
Posted at 07:54 PM

It was well over 80 degrees today. Marching down the apartment stairs the warm air suckerpunched me real good. I don’t look forward to the summer temps. Too hot.

Placed a healthy order with the
today. Makers of fine promotional items including 1” buttons and stamps, their DIY and down-to-earth operations will keep me doing business with them for years.

The Snowboarder posse is cooped for a couple months in Whistler, British Columbia. Reports have been coming in of good days on the hill, excessive alcohol consumption, and general frolick. I’m the only stray from the office team. Wish I was up there and all, but damn, someone has to design the stuff up. Contributing photographers, miscellaneous field crew and friends have been crashing the confines. Each call up to touch base offers background ranting that sounds like a good time…just dudes being dudes.

I’ll do a stint up there towards the end of the month.

Its been a productive weekend. I’ve been in the office both days tuning things up. The faster the prjects get done, faster I can jump a plane to Canada. Everyone enjoy their sunday evenings…