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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 14, 2001
Up here in da U.P., eh!
Posted at 10:23 PM

We cruised north through eastern Wisconsin all the way up to Houghton/Hancock. After a little bit of finagling we hooked up a room at the King’s Inn in downtown Houghton. Our room was enshrined with a large chunk of ore in the wall, this is mining country, y’know. Oh yeah, these Upper Peninsula sumbmissions should showcase proper regional dialog. So that means interjecting “Y’know” after each thought, pause or exclamation in a thick northern Hoser accent. Just want to be authentic.

The next day, y’know, we cruised up the Keewenah Peninsula up towards Mt.Bohemia, y’know. We met the management aennd quickly arranged tickets and “backcountry” guides, y’know. We geared up and headed up. The elevation was impressive. We unloaded and dropped in. The pitches were pretty good, speed checks were popular. Lots of potential for berms, hips and booters on the runs. The “extreme” section of the area offered some pretty burly drops. Due to 30-40 degree temps the conditions were pretty packed out and rutted. But, with a little bit of snowfall things would be a “go.” After a couple of runs we headed back to town for the night.

Our reception has been amazing. Management, locals and general populace have been very helpful and generous.

We’re currently down in Marquette sessioning top-secret stashes all over the countryside. James, Mikey, Matt and Dave haven been navigating the team around town. Thanks.

It’s snowing out. That’s good. Even though the snowbanks are chest-high, some fresh snow would liven things up.

Floyd: I even met Mike Titter last night at Club Aurora. Pat A. dragged us in there to see him. We took your name in vain all night long. Titter’s accent is thick as fuck.

Special thanks to Colleen and Chase for the amazing hospitality in wonderful Calumet. This region is so cool. Simple, rooted, rugged. I don’t look ‘to forward to going back to youknowwhere. Goodnight from Iron Country.