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Draplin Design Co., North America

Our Bohemia objectives are completed. I’m blown away by the amount of time it took to wrap it all up. Battling the weather, the egos, the abilities, the logistics has burned so many days up here. I guess that is just the reality of the job. Fly back to a location, set up, scope shots, ride, take the shots and hit the road. Sounds pretty easy in a couple of sentences, eh. I’m amazed by all of it. The mags make it all looks so flawless, and how. Makes me wonder about all the pictures I’ve seen over the years. Makes me think about the behind-the-scenes stuff. Now that I’m on the inside of this little industry I’m seeing the processes first hand. It’s pretty crazy.

We’re leaving Marquette today and heading south down towards Nubs Nob and Boyne. Pat is gonna stay up here and hang in his hometown while Sean scoots off to get the shots for the mag. I’m going AWOL once we get down towards Traverse City. I can’t wait. Lookin’ forward to seeing Mom and Toby and Leah and the neighborhood.

These last bunch of days have been good for the team. We have gotten to know each other pretty well. Sean has shown me some amazing techniques and Pat has shown me some burly fuckin’ stunts. They both have my respect.

Ma, I’m comin’ home!