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January 10, 2001
Midwest Snowboard Mission
Posted at 12:31 PM

I fly out of Orange County this morning, touchin’ down in Chicago later on this evening. I’ll be on the road for a good 17 days, all over hell in the Mighty Midwest. This might include a trip back to the homelands in Traverse City, good lord willin’. I’ll be back in Califucknia on the 28th.

Here’s the deal: For all of you in the network checkin’ out the site for whereabouts of the team, keep coming by every couple days. I’ll be updating this log with coordinates and tentative regional plans. So say we’re gonna be in the middle of Wisconsin for the day, I’ll do my best to update this ahead of time a bit to let y’all know what’s going on. Payphones will be used too, getting in touch with the riders I’ve spoken with up to this point. You know who you are. Organize yer teams and be on point. Fill the tanks.

I’ll be back there with Pat A. from Ride Snowboards and Sean Sullivan, one of our Senior Photographers from the mag. I think we have some sort of van to navigate the backwoods with. Our first trajectory involves going north up to the Upper Peninsula to Mt.Bohemia. We have some stunts planned. Field crews are building and shaping kickers as I type this.

Here’s a “on-the-road” e-mail address to drop me lines:

Thanks, y’all, see you out in God’s Country.
–Aaron James Draplin