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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 04, 2001
Comprehensive Site
Posted at 04:35 PM

Snowboarder Magazine has a comprehensive web site that is finally up walking on all fours. Daily updates, supplemental magazine footage and info, resort cams, on-line features and a bunch of other rad stuff. Bookmark the site and check it daily for all yer snowboarding needs. Or else.


I’m extremely proud of our web team for their work on the project. Evan Rose and Jason “J1” Gerardi, take some bows. The site is growing daily with new goodies coming in from all over the nation. The best part is that our site isn’t selling you anything. No big ploy trying to get you to shop, spend or suckle; just a well-organized pile of supplemental magazine content. See the tricks in action…the mag’s finer images come alive. Read up on reports coming in from all over hell. Enter contests. Talk shit. Plan a trip. Hang out. Read. Click on stuff and hang out.

The site also has its nauseating moments too. Check out the section entitled “Real Class Act” for little bios on the Snowboarder Magazine staff. Yes, dissect the jackasses who get paid the big bucks to deliver you month after month of Snowboarder magazine. Get a jump on all the necessary stats, stories, photos and quotes to bring the mag’s crew to life. Before I joined the team I had absolutely no idea who did what at the mag. All those years I read it and wondered about the invisible team of guys building things. Those days are long gone. We are making an effort to makes ourselves available to our readers…for curiosity’s sake, contribution action, and general shooting the shit. Warts and moles and all, check out “Real Class Act” on www.snowboardermag.com.

Here’s the official Snowboarder Magazine Draplin “Real Class Act”