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Draplin Design Co., North America
Merch "Proud Customer" Gallery

Cool and collected brother Nazarin Hamid, Chicago, Ill., in the “DDC Foam Trucker” (discontinued) and the DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover.”

A “very beardy” Billy Fowks, Brooklyn, NY, in the a DDC “Anvil Strength Torso Cover.”

A revved-up Paul Brown, Southern California, in the a DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap”

Completely pickled on cheap Chinese beer, brothers Styk and Fank, Seattle, Wash., in a well-worn DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap”

A road-worn, weary Ryno in a “Black Death” DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap”. Not to be fucked with.

A “peaced-out” Chad Waller in a classic 1998 “DDC Anvil T-shirt” somewhere on location in Northern Michigan. Photo by: Derek Denoyer.

Christian Didrichsen comes in a little sorta Hobbit-ish, along the lines of good, strong, loyal Sam Ganges, Middle Earthin’ in a “Carhartt-flavored” DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap”. One of the last good things in Southern California, this kid is.

A profane, un-called-for Bryan “Whitebread” Haker in a classic 2003 “DDC Pertinent Information” T-shirt, deep in the heart of the MInneapolis urban landscape.

A “mountain-air’d” Mike Kirkpatrick hikes up and above the Anchorage expanses in his DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Cap.” Little Harper catches a ride.

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fank was representing in China.. member the shot i sent you?

Posted by: styk on 06/13/06 at 9:54 AM
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