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Draplin Design Co., North America
Things We Say

01. “Real Good.” (Approval. Of the Jon Baugh dialect.)
02. “Tighter than a fiddle string.” (Good craft.)
03. “You bet.” (Deal sealer.)
04. “Stupid.” (Moment of complete let-down, disgust, impatience.)
05. “Fuck this shit.” (Moving on. Certitude. Closure.)

06. “Syrup on shit doesn’t make it a pancake.” (Truth.)
07. “Stay Strong.” (Reminder that the world is a tough place.)
08. “Keep yer head up.” (Vote of Confidence.)
09. “Facts are stubborn things.” (Wonder. Truth.)
10. “That’s a fart in a stiff wind.” (Not gonna happen.)

11. “They’re good people.” (Community approval.)
12. “I fucking hate California.” (Broken Record Diatribe.)
13. “Fassy.” (When “feet” and “ass” are the scents on roadtrips.”)
14. “Never trust a dog that looks at you sideways.” (Gary, too.)
15. “Don’t take shit from no one, never.” (Stern advice for younglings.)

16. “That looks like shit.” (Constructive criticism.)
17. “Gary, get the hell out of there!” (Off limits.)
18. “Our Soil, Our Strength.” (All things “2946 NE 67th.”)
19. “You can’t polish a turd.” (Truth, once again.)
20. “Damn straight.” (Agreement.)

21. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” (Hopelessness.)
22. “Well, aren’t you a breath of fresh air.” (Too striking young dames.)
23. “Really.” (We mean what we say.)
24. “You know the deal.” (You know the deal.)
25. “Take yer best shot.” (A challenge.)

26. “Stay wild.” (Do it however the fuck you want.)
27. “Much appreciated.” (Thankful.)
28. “Feeling nothing but hate for you.” (Specifically Dale-centric.)
29. “I will fuck you up.” (Specifically Cory Grove-centric.)
30. “Watch that mailbox.” (Shit’s on the way, man.)

31. “Let’s kick the shit out of this week!” (Monday motivation.)
32. “ALL CAPS.” (For when it’s ALL CAPS and nothing else.)
33. “Keep up the good fight.” (We know things can get tough.)
34. “Guaaronteed.” (Custom-spelled version, just because.”)
35. “You can take that one to that bank.” (Certitude.)

There Are 18 Comments

You forgot my favorite that I picked up and use all the time:
“You can polish a turd, but it’s still a turd.” or just “polished turd”

Posted by: josh Nelson on 06/10/05 at 8:49 AM

you can put syrup on shit but, that don’t make it a pancake.

Posted by: mr.d on 06/15/05 at 8:00 PM

Here’s my new favorite: “That’s a bit like saying rabies is better than botulism.” (Stolen from the best show on TV, “Top Gear.”)

Apply it liberally in any situation where some dumb fuck is raving about whatever piece of shit he’s backing.

Posted by: Johnny Bowles on 09/01/05 at 10:53 PM

You can dump 15K into a 92 Honda but it’s still a 92 Honda…er…yeah.

keep it simple stupid.

Posted by: Reggie on 11/08/05 at 10:16 AM

“I can braze a mud dobbers nest to a mud hole. Not bragging just a fact.” (The guy can weld)

Posted by: thirty7 on 01/24/06 at 1:33 PM

I never was a fig plucker, nor a fig pluckers son. But, i’ll pluck the figs ‘till the fig pluckin’s done.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 07/31/06 at 6:30 PM

“Them dogs ol’ hunt” (approval)
Use in conversation:
Hey Ed what do you think of this new weed wacker I picked up?
Ed: That dog ol’ hunt.

Posted by: Dustin Odbert on 08/11/06 at 7:52 PM

Two from a recent trip to KY.

“Takes lotsa knocks to bust rocks”

“Sun don’t shine on the same dog every day”

Posted by: logan on 12/24/07 at 11:10 AM

I gotta remember to check the Jon Baugh thing with you when you get up to Seattle. We went to High School together. He showed me snurfing at Interlachen golf course back in the day. Funny‚€”we have some other links, too. I feel like I know you after reading this stuff. Well Done.

Posted by: Mark Notermann on 01/07/08 at 1:29 AM

“Its a Gong show!”

Posted by: Jan on 08/05/08 at 7:45 PM

“Fuck those clowns.” (when clients disapprove of your work)

Posted by: Dave on 08/20/08 at 3:51 PM

I suggest the adoption of ‘grinnin like a possum eatin maggots’ (when good design is appreciated)

Posted by: J on 02/16/09 at 7:15 PM

there’s a lot of old samurai movies where the one samurai, he gets it in the stomach or the shoulder and the other samurai is uninjured and looks down at him and says with much sternness

“Brace up.”

Posted by: dan on 03/02/09 at 12:03 AM

one of my personal favorites “I heard that with my bad ear” (complete agreement)

Posted by: nunya on 05/07/09 at 2:57 AM

My wife said this:
I’d rather have syrup on my chicken than cream gravy on my waffles.

I think it means that fortuitous juxtapositions are possible only where unfortunate circumstances are likely, but you’d have to ask her.

Posted by: Bruce on 10/12/09 at 10:05 AM

I told my designer“you can’t polish a turd” - and he responded “but you can roll it in glitter”

Posted by: Owen on 09/26/12 at 2:31 AM

I thought it would be funny to mention, I wash my car everyday! :) :)

Posted by: John Morri on 10/16/12 at 12:33 AM

“Hell, that’s like soup on a plate. Just ain’t right.”

Posted by: Aaron on 12/17/14 at 3:05 PM
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