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Draplin Design Co., North America
Professional Titles

01. Junior Sasqualogist
02. Sole Proprietor, DDC
03. Gocco Blackbelt
04. Breaker of Hearts
05. Lover of All Things Bicentennial
06. Scrabble Blank Feeler
07. Straight-Shootin’, Red-Blooded, Kicker of Many Town’s Asses
08. Guitar Strummer
09. Chain Link Carver
10. Junior Noodler
11. Guardian of Gary
12. Carnie
13. Desktop Publisher
14. Chairlift Operator
15. Detector of Metallic Objects
16. Strong Bloodline
17. Master Junker
18. Philatelist
19. Record Collector
20. Good Listener
21. Anachronism Detective

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do you ever wish you could hit your computer and it would be like ‘damn sorry, im a slack ass and you got work to do. Oh ya im supposed to be attaching a file right now. what I missed your deadline. Ya you should hit me again. I promise I wont crash.’

that’ll be the day.

midwest headin coastal. thanks for the motivation

Posted by: WILSON on 02/21/06 at 3:56 PM

CAn you please re-introduce the socks, mine are wearing sown and i had to revert to stealing my dads, i will even pay twice the price and would like to keep this off the reccord, it would be a bid dissappointment if you didnd because i am known at school for these socks and have told people about this site, please re-make the socks

Posted by: Matthew Cruz on 01/09/11 at 5:10 PM

The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

Posted by: Rolando Rojek on 07/01/16 at 7:51 AM
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