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Draplin Design Co., North America
Our Proud List of Services

01. Graphic Design
02. A Warm Meal
03. Friendship
04. Advice
05. Delinting Your Keyboard
06. Money Spending
07. Illustration
08. Bounty Hunting
09. Heavy Lifting
10. Campfire Strummin’
11. Gocco Dynamics
12. Chain Link Whittling
13. Art Directing
14. Clipping Pathery
15. Creative Writing
16. Gen’l Conversation
17. Culture Critique
18. Wrastlin’
19. Saw Painting
20. Driving the Late Shift
21. Guest Lecturing
22. A Firm Handshake
23. Jokes/Laughter
24. Trust
25. Money Spending
26. Guitar Tuning
27. Color Correcting
28. Music Critique
29. Blog Maintainence
30. Big Words
31. Roadie Services/Crowd Control
32. A Dry Place To Get A Good Night’s Sleep
33. Identity Revamp Motivation
34. Gear Storage
35. A Ride To The Airport
36. Portland Weather Update
37. Hollywood Loathing
38. Digi Elph Tips
39. Laundry Facilities
40. Barking
41. Denim Hunting

There Are 11 Comments

Aaron, what’s up? Trevor Graves told me to get in touch with you. I need some help with a logo design. the logo I have now sucks. The company is a snowboard camp in argnetina. for more info see our profile on snowbaord.com. thanks see ou

Posted by: john on 03/01/06 at 7:25 AM

cool looking stuff man!

Posted by: tom lenartowicz on 03/23/06 at 3:43 PM

I can’t decide, #2 or #21?
You’re a king, I miss you. Site redesign looks tits.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 07/31/06 at 9:57 PM

I like your style!

Posted by: james on 07/31/08 at 12:56 PM

Where is the; ‘kicking the crap out of a client for wanting me to use Comic sans with an orange Coreldraw gradient in the background’ -service.

Posted by: Lars on 08/29/08 at 1:52 PM

screw U

Posted by: jay Floyd is #1 on 05/26/09 at 1:15 PM

Love your compulsion to keep making lists. Also your willingness to give props to those largely unsung designers of industrial past.
Keep it up.

Posted by: Tom Purrenhage on 05/07/11 at 7:42 AM

No, no, no… you think your number one service is Graphic Design, but let me tell you Aaron, your number one service is “money spending.” Why else would you put it twice in your list? (#6 and #25)

Posted by: Miguel Contreras on 12/01/11 at 9:28 PM

Aaron! Greetings from the Southwest (El Paso, TX) Any good design podcasts out there that I can listen to while I work? Or perhaps your one and only podcast with heavenly design advice?


Posted by: Berenice on 03/12/13 at 9:55 AM

Big inspiration man, same dream…………and the good news is i got it started…Tibz Design(fb) Uganda, Africa.(well thanks to adweek and youtube)

Posted by: Twikirize Switzin on 02/04/15 at 12:27 AM

Hey Aaron I’ve been very intrigued with your ted talks and design videos and I’m currently just working my ass off in hvac something i can fall back on, but i realized that i don’t want to get myself “stuck”. My question is what would be a good step forward, to making logos and or my own brand that would be supported in stores that could vary towards anything but more based towards skate shops for example Zumiez?

Posted by: travis on 05/21/17 at 11:47 AM
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