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Draplin Design Co., North America
Frequently Asked Questions
“Can I interview you for my student project?”

Sure, but just know, I’m busy as hell. I do my very best to accommodate all you little pukes. Hit me up here, and keep it short and sweet. Usually it’s about an 8-10 question limit, and I start to burn out. AND, OF COURSE: To the kid who’s cutting and pasting some 28-question email their instructor is forcing them to participate in, stop and check yourself. Here’s the deal: So many of these things? You can tell you guys simply hijacked the previous set of questions from the kid before you. Think about what you are asking us. Make it interesting. Get weird with it? If I can’t answer it, or squirm reading it, I’ll let you know. Just don’t waste my time with the same old “What advice can you offer students entering the design world” questions. See below for that one.

“Can I send you my portfolio?”

DO NOT send me 43mb attachment PDFs. That’s a surefire to make people remember you for having no idea what the hell you are doing. If you are going to send in your portfolio, make sure it’s a Dropbox/Cloud link, so you aren’t clogging up my bandwidth. And, due to the volume of stuff that comes in, I’ll do our best to check it out and offer up some feedback or comments. But if you don’t hear back from me, don’t be bummed. I get so many things, there’s no way to attack them all. My apologies.

“What advice can you offer students entering the design world?”

Keep it fun. Make design your hobby. The rest will fall in line.

“What inspires you?”

Legos, old logos, fall foliage, Carhartt clothing, Mom, Dad, Leigh, water decals, going junking, road trips, old patches, skateboarding, snowboarding, things made in America, Field Notes, Filson bags, traveling, doing speaking gigs, my nephew Oliver, getting away with it all, saving loot, collecting records, Martin guitars, Fender Jazzmaster electric guitars, old signs, neon, dead logos, smart tattoos, Levi 501s, growing up, beards, a cold Coke, America, President Obama, orange stuff, DDC merch, thick lines, Sasquatch lore, Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Stefan Kanchev, Wally Olins, arrows, pizza, bagels, caesar salad, black t-shirts, metal toolboxes, Saucony Jazz shoes, wiener dogs, getting cosmic, existentialism and Creme Brûlée.

“Where can I buy your book?!”

That’s an easy one! Pre-order it at ddcbook.com!

“Are you guys hiring?”

No. And, we don’t really take on interns. And hell, we prob’ly should, but in all honesty, I can barely keep my shit together, much less handle some kid staring me down for the next job to do. I’ve been in that spot and it was a lot of work to keep them busy. I’m a one man band design-wise, and that’s a little monster I created, have to feed and am pretty proud of.

“Can I interview you?”

There isn’t an magazine, blog or newspaper that we are afraid of. We’ve had a hell of a run with this stuff, and love sharing our half-wit sentiments on, well, everything we’re so lucky to do. Hit us up here. You can see some of our greatest hits over here in our Press section.

“Will you come speak at our school?”

You bet! With over 220 shows under my belt, there aren’t many places I haven’t been able to slather with my little speaking fiasco. I’ve been everywhere, and am constantly adding new shows to the tour. Contact me here, and let’s have a chat about your school, conference or event. We’ll go anywhere!

“Are you taking on new work?”

Not right now. For 2016, the only new stuff we’re taking on is for “bands and buddies.” That and prepping for the launch of our new book. When you add Field Notes, DDC Merch, our tour schedule and everythingelseness, well, you get an idea of how much is on my plate at any given time.

“How do you get all of this stuff done?”

I work my ass off.

“What are your rates? How much does a logo cost?”

I’ve been know to do jobs for the big bucks, and, for a burrito. Really, it depends on the people behind the product, their spirit and how much fun it’ll be. And, whether or not I can slay it for them efficiently. No, there isn’t some sheet with how much an inch logo is versus a two-inch logo. It all depends on the client, timing, budget, clout, spirit and just how much some scrub band can cough up for a record design.

“Did you get my e-mail?”

I’ve gotten EVERY e-mail. We’re buried by this stuff. And each year, more and more stuff shows up in our Inbox. Vicious spam, work inquiries and folks who want to connect. And just know, I appreciate all the project offers and people reaching out. It’s the incessant back-and-forth that is wearing me down. Let’s keep it to a minimum and give each other the room to live our lives, and, enjoy our day-to-day battles, both on the job and off. What’s the best way to communicate effectively and concisely? Our two cents would be something along the lines of: Short, sweet missives with good grammar, punctuation and spirit.